Nature Superhero

Super Pacha - Our Nature Superhero Nature Superhero is the companion app to Pacha’s Pajamas. Nature Superhero is an iPhone/iPad, Android and Blackberry app in the real world impact genre for youth in the 5-15 age range.  It is designed to prompt youth to take real world actions that improve the environment. Dynamic reports will measure the real world impact from the verified actions of players, teams and the community.

How The Nature Superhero App Works

In the early levels of the Nature Superhero app, players become a Pacha’s Pajamas Avatar voiced by Mos Def  (Yo Gabba GabbaThe Boondocks, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe), Cheech Marin (The Lion King, Cars, Beverly Hills Chihuahua), Majora Carter (Peabody Award winning public-radio series The Promised Land), Talib Kweli (Black Star). Players earn points, unlocks and badges for completing missions responding to environmental crises in the Avatar’s home (e.g., Whale uses sonar to locate plastic from the ocean, Jaguar battles to stop deforestation, Mushroom cleans up oil spills…). In later levels, players and teams engage in RW actions and report back through photos and videos to win cool prizes.

Why Young People Will Love This App

  • The App is in alignment with their values, endorsed by Van Jones, Julia Butterfly Hill, the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, and other sustainability heroes
  • The app fills a real need for technology that enables kids to have a quantifiable real world impact and will be highly entertaining
  • Celebrities are involved including Mos Def (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe, Black Star), Talib Kweli (Black Star), Cheech Marin (The Lion King, Cars), Lyrics Born (conscious rapper) and Majora Carter (Peabody Award winning public-radio host)
  • We will feature emerging kid stars including Lil Lissy (USA), Ta’kaiya Blaney (CANADA), Lil JZ (CANADA), Teana Boston (USA) and Miles McAliley (USA)
  • Kids will have the chance to win real world experiential prizes such as accolades online and offline, meeting celebrities and attending exclusive events.

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