Imagination Heals


For more information, see the Imagination Heals website.

Imagination Heals brings transformational entertainment to Children’s Hospitals, leveraging the therapeutic effects of music, stories and the arts to bring hope and inspiration to kids when they need it the most.

“Music can reduce depression and anxiety, calm us down and offer relief for chronic pain.”
~Kaiser Permanente

As its first offering, Imagination Heals distributes the nature-themed Pacha’s Pajamas books and albums to selected hospitals for use in the hospital creative and gifting programs. The program also brings performances and celebrities to the hospitals. Performances include an interactive storytelling experience called the Pacha’s Pajamas Story Cipher.

 “Pacha’s Pajamas music, books and shows will be beautiful gifts for our low-income youth!”
~ Nutritionist at Highland Hospital

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Thanks to our founding sponsors, A Forever Recovery and Best Drug Rehabilitation, for their donation and for hosting the Imagination Heals launch party.

For more info or to request samples, see or contact info(at)pachaspajamas(dot)com.

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