Books-To-Schools Program

Our Books-To-Schools Program is for local businesses, organizations and foundations that want to help get educational books to kids and families. At this time, when schools are under-funded and existing funding is threatened by tax revenue shortfalls, anything that we can do to get books and supplies into the classroom can make a difference.

Support literacy and environmental education by sponsoring a gift of 50-1,000¬†Pacha’s Pajamas¬†books to the school(s) of your choice. As a sponsor, you will be listed on our web site on this page, publicly thanked in our communications about the program (with links to your website) and invited to a press conference with an author reading or performance at the institution or venue. We are happy as well to post a short quote here as well. If you do not have a preference of schools, we can place the books at one of the many schools that want this book and album.

Plant the seed of literacy for the planet in our schools TODAY!

We have allocated 5k books to this program for the 2012. The sponsorship fee is $5 per book in quantities of 50-200. To make your order, contact today to ensure that we are able to deliver your books. Stay tuned for information about the album and soundtrack pre-sales program, plus our forthcoming mobile app!

Thank you to our Recent Participants 

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Edwin Jasper

Edwin Jasper, State Farm Insurance

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