Our Mixed Reality/EdTech firm has produced the first-of-its-kind Animated children’s book – Pacha’s Pajamas: A Story Written By Nature, which instantly grabs attention, and makes kids want to read. Hovering our augmented reality app over the illustrations in the book brings them to life with animations featuring celebrities including Cheech Marin, Mos Def, and Cheech Marin.

This is the future of illustrated print media!

Pacha’s Pajamas is the prototype for an Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality platform that BALANCE will license to publishers and authors.

BALANCE is building a catalog of Intellectual Properties with licensable elements, and creating an ecosystem of digital and physical products for pre-teens (including television, apparel, film, books and music), which make learning a play-based experience. BALANCE is located in Oakland, California.

Pacha’s Pajamas
Our flagship brand is Pacha’s Pajamas. Pacha’s imagination is bigger than the Andes Mountains, homeland of her ancestors. The characters on her PJs come alive in her dreams and join her on a dream adventures in which she learns more about herself. Each story in the series has a different theme and pajamas design. The themes of the first story is connectedness with ourselves and nature, and the characters on her pajamas are plants and animals. After an asthma attack, her magical pajamas carry her into an epic dream where she’s the central player at a nature festival. Full of musical plants and dancing animals, the event is a worldwide call-to-action to save the planet from destruction. Pacha awakens with the skills needed to stay healthy and better understand who she truly is.

The award-nominated Pacha’s Pajamas double album features 55 artists spanning four generations including Yasiin Bey aka Mos Def (Yo Gabba Gabba, The Boondocks, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe), Cheech Marin (The Lion King, Cars, Beverly Hills Chihuahua), Talib Kweli, Majora Carter (Peabody Award winning public-radio series The Promised Land), Lyrics Born, Lester Chambers (The Chambers Brothers), Agape Youth Choir and a dozen youth stars including Lil JaXe and Ta’Kaiya Blaney.

BALANCE’s innovations include:

  • All of our stories/brands are aligned with a Hero’s Journey for humanity
  • Pacha is an emerging archetype of the youth leader who is bringing her dreams to life
  • Our stories are entryways for kids and families to get excited about the important issues of our time and to get active in doing something about them. No one else is embedding today’s key issues in the context of compelling children’s stories and a 360 degree brand that includes celebrities and youth leaders.
  • Our stories peek the student’s interest in key issues and our curricula help them dig in, gain a better understanding, and take actions to make a difference
  • We have the first Augmented Reality book, pajamas, etc… Hovering a mobile device over images in the book (and on the pajamas) displays videos and animations. This is great way to connect the physical and digital worlds. Kids are really drawn to the augmented reality and will focus their attention on it; hence it is a great way to showcase partners.
  • Our products support the healthy development of today’s kids.  They teach life skills that address social and emotional learning. We help kids improve their understand themselves so that they can reach their potential, tune into their inner guidance system, step into their power, discover their gifts and create the world they want to live in.
  • Our story is unique in that it is anchored by a piece of clothing that kids love,  pajamas. In this case, magical pajamas, the characters of which come alive in her dreams.
  • Our children’s music actually has children in it.  We pair celebrities with talented young artists.
  • Our children’s music has a classic sound that enables adults to listen and enjoy
  • Parents AND kids can finally agree on an interactive entertainment experience that they both LOVE!

The Structure of BALANCE

Founded by Dave Room and Aaron Ableman in February 2011, BALANCE includes BALANCE Edutainment, Inc, a for-profit social enterprise chartered in Delaware, and 501(c)(3) nonprofit projects, Balance Films and Imagination Heals.

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