BALANCE artist in Fairyland feature

BALANCE’s Animation Director, Allah El Henson, was featured in SFGate and Oakland North for his participation in the a fundraiser at Children’s Fairyland in Oakland.

Allah El Henson, an artist and cartoon animator at Balance Edutainment, sat in the darkest corner of Children’s Fairyland, sketching the scene in front of him with a pen. Henson was surrounded by the silhouettes of artists sipping wine, swaying to ambient tunes and striking up conversations about art in Oakland next to the dimly-lit Emerald City stage a few feet away. He drew in black and white for hours. Even though he could not fully see the world around him, he preferred to use his imagination. “I became fascinated with drawing cartoons because I grew up without a TV,” the East Oakland native said as he squinted into the distance and shaded in a tree on his paper. “That’s what pushed me to keep drawing; because if I couldn’t watch TV, I’d make my own.”



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