Kid Urges Grownups Like You to Sign Petition TODAY to Rebuild California Soils

Pacha is teaming up with our friends at Kiss the Ground to urge California lawmakers to rebuild our soil!

Please sign this petition to allocate funds to lessen Climate Change and the Drought by rebuilding California soils!  Today is the last day to sign.

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Pacha is a lover of Soil. That’s right — rich, dark, alive, soil. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that we need soil for every single thing we eat. We literally couldn’t exist without soil. 

But right now, the way we farm strips our soil of all the carbon and microorganisms it needs to stay healthy. That’s bad for farmers, bad for climate change, and in my drought-stricken home state of California, it lets our dwindling water go to waste. 

We have a chance to change that. Soon, California is going to decide how to spend $2 billion they’ve set aside to fight climate change. 

Pacha needs your help, the Governor needs your help. Sign this petition to tell California elected officials to make sustainable soil programs a part of their climate change initiatives. 

I know, at first it sounds a little silly. Investing in soil? But California is the leading agricultural economy of the world. The way we treat our soil has a massive impact on our environment, our water supply, and farmers throughout the state. 

We have a major opportunity RIGHT NOW to support Governor Brown in funding Healthy Soils — $160M of the $2 billion that’s been set aside could go to land management practices that would rebuild healthy soil so we can grow more nutritious food, fight the drought, and take carbon out of the air to help reverse climate change. 

Our very future depends on the health of our soil. Help me and my friends at Kiss The Ground tell the State of California to make responsible investments in building back our soil.


“Let the beauty we love be what we do.  There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” ~ Rumi

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