Aaron Ableman on Igniting a Global Youth Movement

Cofounder of BALANCE, Aaron Ableman was interviewed by Awakin.org about igniting a global youth movement. Below is an excerpt from the interview.

What Makes You Come Alive?
I come alive in the raw element of nature. Maybe that’s why my stage name is ANatural?! When I bodysurf in the ocean or hike a wild trail through the wilderness, I feel the ancient call of being alive. I paint with flowers or drum with rocks and feel the miracle of my beating heart. It is such adventures that keep my soul alive and grateful in the midst of our post-modern world where everyone seems so tech obsessed, fame or fortune focused and lost in the virtual reality show of their lives.

Your Greatest Inspiration?
My practices are my greatest inspiration. By practices, I mean, primarily: meditation and yoga, dance and music. But in fact, these practices could be anything that regularly inspire me to be the best of “me” and allow the worst of me to clear like rain through the desert. These practices are the key to cleansing anything that is challenging me or causing stress in my life. They provide a daily window to see my world like a dream, beautiful and creative as it is.

An Act of Kindness You’ll Never Forget?
I have always been a risk-taker for doing good in the world. When I was 6 years old, after sobbing my way out of a scary movie, I told my mother that I need to become an everyday hero like Dr. Suess or Charlie Chaplin and make kids happy instead of scared. When we passed a homeless family on the street while walking home, I stopped and sang them “Amazing Grace”. After the street-family joined us in singing (with a small audience assembled to watch), we invited this family to our farm to share a home cooked meal. The family told us their story and we shared dreams and hugged each other into the starry night. My life is founded on these small acts of love, a pillar and cornerstone that my parents always instilled in me since I was very young.

One Thing On Your Bucket List?
To perform at Carnegie Hall a series of my hit songs accompanied by a 100 piece children’s choir and world-class artists…while the Dalai Lama dances on stage with me too!

One-line Message for the World?
Live every moment like it’s your first or last, see love in everything & live your dreams!

Check out the full transcript and the audio interview at http://www.awakin.org/calls/195/aaron-ableman.

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