Pacha’s Pajamas is Nutritious Children’s Entertainment

Hi! My name is Pacha. BALANCE came out of my dream to inspire kids to create the world they want to live in. One night, after my parents went to sleep, my magical pajamas whisked me off to the jungle where I organized an epic concert to unite the planet! My dream is your dream too!

Imagine if children across the world experienced positive stories and music every day

Unfortunately, most children’s entertainment is junk food for the mind. It may taste good, but it is making kids sick.

We produce children’s entertainment that supports the healthy development of today’s children. Entertainment today’s parents can feel good about. Nutritious Children’s entertainment

This is perfect timing because the mega-trend for social and environmental awareness is growing. You see it all around you: organic food, farmer’s markets, yoga, hybrid cars, buy local, recycling, and so on. The mega-trend is now gaining traction in the Children’s Entertainment industry. It’s now expected for celebrities to be associated with causes.

About 20% of the population wants entertainment that expresses a transformative worldview. This is likely to double this decade. People are starving for entertainment that consistently expresses values such as connectedness and cooperation.

We’ve been telling my story – Pacha’s Pajamas – across the country. Over 10,000 Pacha’s Pajamas albums and books have been distributed throughout the U.S. The response has overwhelmingly positive. The Pacha’s Pajamas album features celebrities such as Cheech Marin, Mos Def, and Talib Kweli. Pacha’s Pajamas was one of the most honored CDs in the past year, winning eight awards. We are excited for your kids to hear the album, experience the animated book, and sooner than later watch Pacha’s Pajamas on television.

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17. Thank you for dreaming with us!

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