Message to Investors from BALANCE / Pacha’s Pajamas

BALANCE, is an entertainment technology firm specializing in childhood entertainment products that children love and parents can feel good about. BALANCE’s focus is using web/mobile to create immersive and impactful experiences around television, apparel, film, books and music for pre-teens. The total children’s entertainment market is $98B/year in the U.S. alone. Based on its proof-of-concept, BALANCE is raising $3.5 million to leverage its existing assets to build an audience and secure a television deal with a major U.S. network. BALANCE has attached highly successful animation professionals including Ralph Guggenheim, co-founder with Steve Jobs at Pixar and Arne Wong, the first Director of Dora the Explorer (a series which has earned over $15B).

BALANCE is seeking 3 accredited investors to lead our equity crowdfunding campaign that will be launching later this month. For information on collaboration, investment, sponsorship and distribution opportunities, contact

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