Support Ground Breaking App and Earn 54% Profit

Greetings Superheroes ~

Would you like to learn about Mobile Game Apps, earn a whopping 54% in several months and support a groundbreaking app that moves children into action on critical environmental issues? Don’t miss this limited opportunity. You can get started for as little as $100. Secure your spot as a “backr” today. Profits are distributed on first-in, first-out basis.


How You Can Make 54% Return in Several Months

The team at BALANCE is working with Appbackr, a digital wholesale marketplace for mobile apps, to fund the development of our new interactive game-app, Nature Superhero. Nature Superhero is the companion Mobile Game app to Pacha’s Pajamas, a Transmedia Experience Platform about a little girl who becomes a Superhero for Nature by organizing the world’s biggest festival with wild animals and plants! In the coming month, Nature Superhero will debut on the Appbackr marketplace as a $4.99 IOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod) app. Appbackr has agreed to make Nature Superhero “App of the Week”, help optimize our raise, drive sales and promote Nature Superhero through their networks.

Through Appbackr, a “backr” (a financial supporter) of the Nature Superhero app purchases pre-sale App units and makes a profit of 54% when the units are sold!  If you buy 600 units of the app at $1.75 wholesale price for a total of $1,050, when the units sold through the Apple App Store (starting in April 2012), you will receive $1,620.  That’s a 54% return on investment.

  • You do not have manage inventory, sell or distribute product
  • You buy units wholesale and help promote through social media/web
  • You receive a disbursement after sales occur at the Apple App store
  • You get paid based on a first-in first-out basis whether not you drove the traffic to the Apple store

54% in months is an amazing return for for buying wholesale units of a groundbreaking app before it is publicly available.

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