Nature Superhero is App of the Week!

Nature Superhero is App of the Week - Backrs earn a 54% return

In the first week of our Nature Superhero Appbackr campaign, we raised $8,339 which is 35% more than we did in 30 days with our Kickstarter campaign.  Here’s what we have learned.  Although less people overall may contribute to Appbackr (because its unfamiliar), those that take a look tend to invest more than they would have contributed on Kickstarter. This is borne out by the numbers.  Our 138 Kickstarter backers contributed an average of $45.  The minimum for our Appbackr is $100 and the average investment is a whopping $2,085!

As you can see above, the minimum buy is $100 (for 63 units of Nature Superhero at the wholesale price of $1.75), which returns $154 dollars when the units sell at the App market.


For more info, see our Nature Superhero page.

Jane McGonigal says Gaming is Very Important for Our Future at TED

Jane McGonigal (@avantgame) believes that games are an important platform for change and that gaming can change the world. She asks the question, what if we could harness all the energy and attention, and focus it on solving the world’s greatest problems? She says “Let the World Changing games begin.” She is predicting that a gamer will win the Nobel peace prize within 5 years; I wonder if she’s thinking herself, especially since she believes in “making the future” rather than predicting the future. Assuming she is right, games in the Real World (RW) genre like Nature Superhero will be particularly important in this process.

Now is the Time

Now is the time to get in.  We expect to sell out of the allotted pre-sale units in the next several weeks.  We are gearing up for a big announcement mid next week about an early customer that will use a “white label” version of the Nature Superhero app. This customer could give the app tremendous reach.  Hint: its not a dot org.  Because Appbackr pays backrs on a “First-In, First-Out” basis, the early you get your units the better.

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Coming Up: Call for nominations for Kid’s Advisory Board Seats

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