Have A Ball Pacha but Keep the Green Parts green

We are super excited to be collaborating with green cartoonist and artist Joe Mohr.  Joe saw a Twitter post about our work with Mos and Kweli, checked out Pacha’s Pajamas and was motivated to get involved.  He tweeted back and the rest is history.  The tweet exchange is below.

Tweet Exchange between @GreenCartoons and @PachasPajamas

Tweet Exchange

In his first email to us, Joe offered to draw Pacha into his “Have a Ball” poem and painting/print, which “has been my top selling painting, print and poem. Besides some of my cartoons, it is by far my most popular creation.”  We read the poem and were immediately captivated by its wise simplicity and inspired to work with Joe.

Well, just today Joe sent us the finished piece, “Have A Ball, Pacha”. Its beautiful as you can see above.
Please enjoy this image!  Share it or this page if you like it. Use it for your Facebook profile if you wanna be really cool in our eyes. We plan to offer a limited edition print (giclee stretched over 16″x16″ canvas), available on the Pacha’s Pajamas site.  Stayed tuned for cost and instructions for ordering.  In the meantime, you can receive one of the first-run limit edition prints as a gift for contribution of $150 or more towards our KickStarter campaign.

Below is a bit more about Joe. You can see why we are so happy to be collaborating.  Dave Room, BALANCE says “You know something is aligning when folks like Joe appear out of relative nowhere and want to join the team.”  Look out for more news surrounding this budding partnership.

Name: Joe Mohr
Location: St. Louis, MO USA
Organization: JoeMohrToons.com
Website: JoeMohrToons.com
Website: JoeMohrPaintings.com
Contact: Joe Mohr 
Twitter: @GreenCartoons

Bio of Joe Mohr
Joe is a hubby, daddy, bike lover, cartoonist, artist, rookie beekeeper, traveler, aspiring children’s author/illustrator, and above average green bean grower.
Joe creates environmentally themed editorial cartoons, weekly on Wend Magazine, Elephant Journal, Ecopolitology, Ecolutionist, and PlanetSave, He also has a cartoon series called “Hank D. and the Bee” about a boy and his bee and their “green” adventures. Hank D and the Bee can be seen every Thursday on EcoChild’sPlay, Eco-SnobberySucks, and NaturalPapa. Joe’s cartoons can be found all over the web on the sites listed above as well as on Greenpeace, MotherNatureNetwork, EatDrinkBetter, and now…THE URBAN CONVERSION!

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