Green For All Fellow Update: People are Talking about Pacha’s Pajamas

Green For All Fellow Update: People are Talking about Pacha’s Pajamas

I didn’t realize when Rosa Gonzalez invited me to join the Fourth Class of Green For All fellows that it would help catalyze my life’s work.  What started out as a project to document stories in South Africa in January 2011 morphed into a story-centered advocacy project that helped prevent disproportionate impact of layoffs on flatland schools in Oakland in April 2011. Now it appears altogether something different but it still has story at its center, and it speaks to me deeply.

Getting to BALANCE

Going into 2010, I could feel that the foundation for my life’s work was emerging.  So I really dug into the work, foregoing many social and recreational opportunities.  My solace at the time was that 2011 would be the year for me to cultivate balance.  I remember my Grandma used to say, “Be careful for what you ask for, ‘cause you might get it.”  In 2011, the balance I got turned out to be BALANCE (“BALANCE”), a social enterprise I started with Aaron Ableman.

Dave Room – Exec Producer
Aaron Ableman – Chief Creative OfficerIndustry:Children’s Music & EntertainmentNumber of Staff: 5

Legal Counsel: O’Melveny & Myers

Amount of Financing Sought: $275K

Current Financing: $140K
Management, Friends, Family

Use of Funds: Staff, office, celebrities, finish album production, video, apps, build audience, marketing

BALANCE is an edutainment production firm that develops educational entertainment products at the intersection of pop culture, health and sustainability.  The company’s current efforts are focused on solving one of the world’s most pressing problems, that is, bringing environmental consciousness to the masses. The environmental movement is near a tipping point that could make being green a way of life, but it needs to engage youth, people of color and mainstream thinkers.Our flagship brand Pacha’s Pajamas helps young people to learn about their relationships with other species and ecosystems, and to more fully appreciate Nature. BALANCE is developing “Pacha’s Pajamas” as a social brand that combines corporate branding techniques, entertainment, and ecological education. The brand has licensable elements as well as a number of products with licensable elements. We are positioning Pacha to be the first animated music sensation on Youtube; her music features celebrities and talented child vocalists and emcees.

BALANCE is in an exciting moment. Our book has received amazing testimonials from giants like Van Jones and Vandana Shiva.  Our performances have reached approximately 8,000 kids and adults to rave reviews. In fact, we just had a performance at the Chabot Space & Science Center this past weekend.  We are also getting tremendous interest in collaborating from social enterprises and nonprofits.

BALANCE is like a sprout breaking through the soil; our current size has no bearing on the size we could become and yet, at the same time, we are vulnerable, requiring ample water, minerals and sun.  We are raising funds through a Loudsauce crowdfunding campaign to display our ads before Justin Bieber Videos.  We have rewards that make great gifts for kids like books and CDs.

Green Gifting

We have an eBook, a softcover book and now an EP with four songs and two excerpts from the musical story.  We also have a Books-to-Schools program.

Black Star in the house!

Mos Def (now known as Yasiin Bey) is the narrator of the story. Talib Kweli raps from the perspective of a Butterfly and does the voiceover for Pebble.  Majora Carter is Tree. Lyrics Born is Whale.  Six young ladies (7-14) selected from our national auditions are on the EP including Teana from Stockton, Sage from San Francisco and Lil’ Lissy from Deltona, Florida.

Seeking Associate Producers

Here’s an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You can be an Associate Producer or Senior Associate Producer of our forthcoming album – Pacha’s Pajamas: A Musical Story Written By Nature.  Imagine your name on the credits of a beautiful album promoting Nature. Imagine being thanked on the mike when Pacha receives awards for outstanding Children’s music in 2012. For a contribution of just $3000 to $5000, you can be part of something bigger than all of us. Join the team today.  Visit our Associate Producer page for details.

How to Support

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