Rap Stars Mos Def And Talib Kweli Bring Their Voices To Environmental Hip Hop Album, EP Released

Mos Def and Author Aaron Ableman

Rap stars singing about butterflies and saving the environment isn’t something we hear about everyday.

And that’s precisely what BALANCE, LLC had in mind when they approached rap stars Mos Def and Talib Kweli to participate in their upcoming children’s hip hop album about the environment, Pacha’s Pajamas: A Story Written By Nature.  The EP, which features Def, Kweli, and others, is available as a free digital download for a limited period starting today at http://www.pachaspajamas.com/music. The full album is due out Spring 2012.

The Pacha’s Pajamas CD features Grammy, Emmy, and Golden Globe nominated hip hop artist and actor, Def (also known as Yasiin Bey), who narrates the fictional story of Pacha, a girl who dreams of uniting the planet via a music festival starring a host of singing plants and break dancing animals.  Kweli, a popular

lyricist and hip-hop artist wrote and performs an original song on the album from the perspective of a butterfly.  The duo, who previously collaborated on the late ‘90s album Mos Def and Talib Kweli Are Black Star, have received acclaim for using their artistry, talents and notoriety to raise public awareness about myriad social issues.

“We’re extremely grateful for Mos and Talib’s involvement and truly believe we can influence social, economic, and environmental change in a compelling way through the telling of powerful stories, by creating music people are inspired to listen to and with the help of the world’s children,” said Aaron Ableman, accomplished musician, social entrepreneur and co-founder of BALANCE Edutainment.

“It’s important to impart the message not just to children but to all human beings, that we have a
responsibility to our own humanity and to the one who has created all, to treat this creation with
care and respect,” said actor and hip hop artist, Mos Def.

“The idea that you have to be mindful of the environment, or pay attention to the environment, is
something people should grow up with.  It’s not something that you should have to convince an
adult of,”  added hip hop artist, Talib Kweli.

“The story of Pacha’s Pajamas is spreading the information early (to kids), so it becomes like a
cornerstone or a foundation.”

In addition to Def and Kweli’s participation, the BALANCE team of musicians and social
entrepreneurs are in the studio with other soon-to-be-announced musical artists completing the
album.  The BALANCE Edutainment team will also be making live appearances to perform the
story and songs from Pacha’s Pajamas: A Story Written By Nature throughout the United States
this Fall and in Spring 2012.

For more information, please visit www.pachaspajamas.com.

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