Dec. 10: Pacha’s Pajamas LIVE at Chabot Space & Science Center

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We are proud to announce our recent collaboration on four LIVE shows with Chabot Space & Science Center.

Chabot Space & Science Center (CSSC) and Balance Edutainment (BALANCE) are working together to bring the message of social engagement and call to action for young children as it relates to environmental education, sustainability and innovation through interactive live performance. The target population for this collaborative relationship is children aged 9 and under. CSSC has a membership base of approximately 3,000 with half being families with school-aged children. CSSC regularly programs public offerings for families. BALANCE regularly works with school-aged children in academic and recreational settings to bring a message of awareness, change and “you can do” attitude to youth. BALANCE sees their main character, Pacha, as an eco-friendly superhero who is charged with helping to make the planet a better place for animals and humans.

We performed the LIVE show twice at Chabot this past weekend for about 100 kids and parents. One of the selected talent from our auditions, Teanna played Pacha in the show and sang songs with Aaron including Pacha’s Theme and Welcome to Pacha Jamma.

Please join us for two more LIVE shows at Chabot on Dec. 10th (at Noon and 3p), which are co-sponsored by the Ecology Center. Our good friend Debra Berliner of the Ecology Center will provide a special announcement about the Ecology Center in the context of our show. In the next ten days, we will be working with some youth actors to step into the performance.

On Dec. 10th, you can save $2 OFF each General Admission to CSSC by taking Chabot’s FREE shuttle service from Fruitvale BART (available for that day through a grant from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission) or carpooling with three riders or more.

Celebratory Potluck at Dave’s home in Oakland
Dec. 11, 6-9p
RSVP to dave (at) for address
Join us in celebration of the Chabot performances for an evening of sharing stories, games and food at Dave’s home. Join us as we try out a Non-Trivial Trivia Game that follows the popular Trivia Night format but with questions that support us fully understanding the cultural shift that is occurring. Bring your instruments.


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