Bay Area Talent Shows Up At The Pacha’s Pajamas Auditions

This past Saturday was an exciting day for BALANCE as we held our first live auditions for Pacha’s Pajamas. Winners will sing and rap on the first Pacha’s Pajamas soundtrack and dance in our first music video!

Kids from all of the Bay Area lined up to show their talents at Destiny Arts Center in Oakland.  The excitement was palpable as the singers, dancers and rappers buzzed about the hallways and “green room,” practicing their routines. Patient parents calmed their offspring who were awaiting their turn to perform in front of the seasoned judges, including Aaron Ableman, Chief Creative Officer of BALANCE, as well as our hosts Sarah Crowell and Natasha Jacobs of nationally acclaimed Destiny Arts Center.

One child asked if she could dance with her younger sister because SHE was really scared. Their faces lit up when the siblings learned they could show-off their skills together. Other children held themselves with such confidence, it seemed they had been born to perform! The audience sat mesmerized as the first contestant took the stage. It was a fun afternoon of singing, dancing and rappin’; the judges were impressed by the performances.

From the talent pool, the judges selected 5 singers and one emcee to be on the forthcoming soundtrack for our hip hop musical, Pacha’s Pajamas. The judges also selected eight dancers to be on the first music video from the soundtrack. BALANCE hopes to get some more emcees and male singers in the online auditions which continue through the month of September.

All the auditions have been posted on our Youtube Audition Page . Go there to VOTE for your favorites. The talent with the most “likes” will win the “People’s Choice Award” and have their video featured on our website! We’re accepting online auditions for kids ages 7-14 until September 30th. So please let the talented children in your life know they still have time to be a pop super star! Details can be found at

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