Nature Speaks at the United Nations

For the first time, on April 21st, the voice of nature was heard on the Floor of the United Nations as reported in a Global Exchange blog post:

Nature had a voice at the United Nations in a first of its kind dialogue about what it will take to live in harmony with nature, and what role the United Nations must play.

The all-day interactive dialogue, sponsored by the Plurinational State of Bolivia, was packed with global UN delegates.

In 2008, Ecuador became the first nation to constitutionally recognize nature’s rights to “exist, flourish and evolve.” Less than two years later, after the failure of COP15 in Copenhagen, 35,000 people gathered for the World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Led by indigenous communities of Latin America, the Conference produced a People’s Agreement which affirms the thought and practices of “Living Well,” recognizing Mother Earth as a living being with which we have an indivisible, interdependent, complementary and spiritual relationship. The proposed Universal Declaration on the Rights of Mother Earth, a companion to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, is a key outcome of the conference that the Bolivian government is supporting.

Following the conference in Bolivia, the Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature was formed to support and build a movement. In late November 2010, a coalition of environmentalists filed a groundbreaking lawsuit in Ecuador against the oil giant BP for violating Ecuador’s constitution. Plaintiffs include Indian scientist Vandana Shiva.

While the Nature’s rights movement empowers people to speak on behalf of the natural world in a court of law, Pacha’s Pajamas amplifies the unheard voices of nature in the court of public opinion and popular culture.

Pacha’s Pajamas is an edutainment platform with a series of products that connect ecology and entertainment, bringing alive the voice of nature at a critical inflection point for the planet. The Pacha’s Pajamas platform centers on a hip and 21st century children’s story: nature takes the stage and tells its captivating story at a global festival where species are uniting to bring balance to the planet.

To learn more about the Pacha’s Pajamas opportunity, see our Executive Summary.

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